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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 6, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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morning america." and have a wonderful wednesday, everyone opinion >> straight ahead, a police involved shooting in the districts and one man to a hospital. why investigators say the victim should not have been at the location. good morning, washington. it is wednesday, february 6. i am cynne simpson. >> >> this is "good morning washington," on your side. great to have you along. let's check your forecast with meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> a pretty classic day for early february. we have clients to start. a week clipper moved through. -- we have clouds. they are sticking around through
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the better part of the morning. 36 degrees at reagan national, 32 at dulles, 34 in winchester and culpeper. fredericksburg, 32 degrees this morning. we expect to see some sunshine this afternoon. temperatures will warm up into the mid 40's. we should be yesterday's high temperature. we have some changes in the seven-day forecast. more details on what to expect on friday. time for traffic and weather jamee >> . good morning. in the middle of the work week starting off quiet. there was an overnight crash. interstate 905 in virginia in springfield, light volume through dale city and woodbrige and lorton and the beltway. southbound 95 overnight for several hours they dealt with a crash.
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they had just cleared expecit. that was in dumphries. accidents involving a tractor- trailer. now this has cleared. good news. emergency pothole palooza of the virginia beltway on the inner loop near 66 taking away one lane. that's the only thing we have going on, on the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. >> d.c. police shot a man who investigators say was violating a restraining order filed by his estranged wife. >> the suspect had made previous attempts to see his wife but always managed to leave before police arrived. officers said he was there when they responded this time to go home on 13th street nw overnight. he was armed. that's why he was shot. we don't know where the suspect was shot on his body but he was taken to a hospital in stable
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condition. >> a developing story from the south pacific. at least four people are dead after a car for its quicktrip region. the magnitude 8.0 quake that hit the solomon islands on several small tsunami is which damaged buildings. people were told to go to higher ground. an american man living in the island chain described the situation. >> people are quite calm. i am surprised there was no panic. a few minutes will get most people at least 50 feet from ocean level. i think people are calmer if this were the type of violence like an atoll. >> most of the tsunami warnings were issued for hawaii or the west coast. the virginia man accused of shooting and wounding a security guard at the headquarters of a conservative christian lobby
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group will plead guilty. floyd corkins of herndon is scheduled to be in court for a status hearing and faces several charges including committing an act of terrorism in connection with the shooting in northwest d.c. we should learn more today about the mental condition of a man accused of killing his elderly wife. at their georgetown wife a judge in december ruled that albrecht muth is mentally competent to stand trial for the august 2011 beating death of 91- year-old viola drath. he is expected to represent himself in the trial in march. he faces life in prison if convicted. >> big-ticket of boards of the boy scouts -- the boy scouts board is considering whether to ease the ban on gays.
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some gay advocates consider the proposed policy change inadequate. they say that no troops can be allowed to exclude gay people. >> president obama making a trip to annapolis this morning. he will attend the senate democratic issues conference at the westin. he's returning to the white house before 1:00 this afternoon. vice-president joe biden is not showing signs of slowing down. this afternoon he will administer the oath of office at the ceremonial swearing-in for secretary of state john kerry. tonight the vice president will speak at the house democratic issues conference in leesburg, virginia. >> says the singles are not struggling in this economy. >> a dire financial picture for the u.s. postal service takes center stage in d.c. today. linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good wednesday mourned. >> -- morning.
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>> the postmaster general is expected to make a major announcement this morning. he will respond to a board of governors recommendation to accelerate the restructuring of the postal service. the question is what does this mean? postal service employees say this could mean closing some facilities next month instead of next year and possibly stopping saturday service. we will be watching closely. if you have visited fema parks like fantasyland in florida they have had better than expected earnings. -- theme parks. fantasylands should be done by sometime next year. if you think the economy is hurting your love life. 2/3 of singles say they have not changed their habits over the past the four years.
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54% of single will not take someone with considerable credit card debt. d.c. residents have been hit with cupid's arrow. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> we learn something new from you every day. we will see you in a little while. it's 36 degrees. >> another victory and for gays and lesbians serving in the u.s. military. how the pentagon is reaching out to
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>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. a nice looking shot of the u.s. capitol this morning. 36 degrees. things are looking a little better in the future. but dr. jacqui about what we are in store for today. a little clouds in the morning and then getting better. -- let's talk to jacqui. >> we saw just this much sunshine and yesterday afternoon. more like this today. 36 degrees is our temperature now with calm wind. that means we don't have a wind
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chill factor to deal with, so that's good news. the cloudiness keeping temperatures on the upside. 32 degrees in frederick this morning, 34 in inwood. 32 degrees in madison. let's look at your report cast for today. partly sunny and cold, 36 degrees at 9:00. partly cloudy and 41 at noon. partly cloudy skies and 43 degrees at 5:00, typical for early february. we have a postal system potentially by the end of the week. more details on that in a few minutes. let's check on traffic. how about today? >> it was busy overnight, but all lanes have been reopened in dumfries. southbound 95, two medivac helicopters after an overnight crash. that has been reopened. you are able to use it. out of newington, no problems
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and heading up through to the capital beltway emergency pothole crews on the beltway near interstate 66. maryland, no problems. across the wilson bridge, it's wide open. back to you. >> thank you. it's 36 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> an unexpected serenades for fans attending the baltimore ravens victory parade and rally. >> ♪ two tickets to paradise ♪ >> even his son is embarrassed by that. we have highlights from the celebration from
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>> in the debate over guns, a maryland senate panel will hold a hearing today on governor o'malley opposing gun plant near the firearms safety act would tighten handgun licensing. purchasers would have to submit a digital fingerprint and they would have to learn how to use a gun and pass a background check. prince george's county executive rushern baker is expected to testify at today's hearing. opponents of governor o'malley opposing gun legislation plan will rally outside the maryland state house today. they say if the bill passes, it will be one of the largest infringements on second amendment rights in u.s. history. gun-control advocates plan to
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gather at the u.s. capitol this morning to urge congress to act on president obama's plan to reduce gun violence. >> the pentagon expected to announce this week it will extend some of its benefits to partners of gay and lesbian service members. >> officials say defense secretary leon panetta is contemplating allowing same-sex partners to access commissaries and other military subsidize stores as well as some health and welfare programs. this comes after the pentagon repealed a ban on gays serving openly in the military. >> in court today media attorneys will argue for open proceedings in the chandra levy reportemurder case. prosecutors recently brought to the judge's attention information that potentially undermines the credibility of one of the government witnesses. the u.s. attorney's office argues the latest developments must remain secret because of safety concerns. >> the d.c. taxicab commission is set to discuss a number of new rules during a special
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meeting today. the commission is expected to discuss emergency rules for n ewe taximeters along with proposed rules for digital dispatch services and more. the panel is likely to talk about amendments to rules on operators and vehicles. >> questions about whether two people died in a burning d.c. home were there legally. flames broke out tuesday morning r st. se. more than 70 firefighters arrived to fight the two alarm blaze. man and woman the neighbors knew as glen and diana had been their two years despite the building being boarded up. >> i did not think anybody lived there. >> it is really sad to see somebody go so fast, out of nowhere. >> the victims have not been identified officially. a firefighter was taken to the hospital with a broken ankle. no word on what sparked the
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fire. >> frederick and arlington police working together to find out if two date time to restore robberies are linked. look at this video. on tuesday the spurs intercolonial jewelers in frederick. the woman was forced to the ground as the robbers took watches. there was a similar robbery at zales jewelry store and pentagon city. in each case, the thieves used a hammer to smashed the case. they are still on a los. >> virginia voters could be in for big changes the next time they go to the polls. a bill to require more sophisticated forms of identification passing the house and senate. certain forms of id currently legal like a utility bill, or bank statement will no longer be accepted. it will be a driver's license, a u.s. passport, or voter registration cards only. if the bill signed into law, the changes go into effect in mid
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2014. d.c. mayor vincent gray is optimistic about the future of the city. he gave his annual state of the district address tuesday night. he says be unemployed rate and crime are down. businesses are booming and the city's population is growing. over the next five years, he hopes to create 100,000 more jobs and $1 billion of new tax opinion. here is hoping the baltimore ravens are getting some much needed rest of this morning after fans packed the streets tuesday morning out celebrating a big super bowl win. >> that it off with a parade and ended at m&t bank stadium. a capacity of 71,000. but 80,000 people showed up. many had to be turned away from the stadium. ravens lawyers said that glove was overwhelming -- love. >> i'm from new orleans and we have mardi gras and operates but that right there is just
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time ten. i don't think anybody went to work. >> i'm really nervous right now that it will get taken away from us. it's a really weird feeling just unbelievable. >> joe flacco is already talking about a repeat super bowl victory. >> i like where he's going with that. >> tw♪ two tickets to paradise ♪ >> the celebrations went to his head. he serenaded the crowd with his rendition of the eddie money song. reed urged the crowd to sing along. >> ♪ >> ray lewis doing his signature
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dance one last time. he thanked the fans for their love of the team. he said he wanted to win the super bowl to repay baltimore for everything it has done for him. >> quite a day. >> no kidding. ravens fans are in heaven. >> let's check in would jacqui jeras to find out what the forecast has in store. >> we have quite a bit of cloudiness to wake us up this morning. across the ohio valley and into the great lakes and off to the northeast and midlantic, we have clouds. and some in southern virginia and -- but not in southern virginia and north carolina, clear skies. it's 36 degrees in d.c. at this hour, 32 in dallas, 30 and gaithersburg. the 33 in hagerstown, 34 in culpeper. if our forecast, partly cloudy
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skies. around average temperatures between 42 and 47 degrees. we expect partly sunny skies and 42 degrees of protection. nicole kissel system approaches on friday. this could be and interesting whether maker. our best thinking is this could be a rain event along with windy conditions. a wintry mix especially north and west of the metro possible. but there's a great looking weekend ahead. near 50 degrees by sunday. that's the latest. how about traffic or the jamee? >> hagerstown and frederick, come on in. travel lanes are open. no problems extending down through to the capital beltway. as we search around the region, middlebrook road and 118 looks good. the beltway through and over and new carrollton, all of your travel lanes are open. here's the john hanson highway.
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virginia beledweyne, emergency pothole crews on the inner loop near 66, they will be wrapped by 6:00. -- virginia pothole crews on the beltway. >> and y krystal brown's probation could be revoked. >> and there's a family including sextuplets and two sets of twins and katie couric will try to babysit six little children in their terrible
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>> singer chris brown scheduled to appear in a los angeles courtroom today where his probation might be revoked. prosecutors have asked a judge to find him in violation. is community service record stemming from his 2009 assaults of rihanna contains several discrepancies. he not at the recorded location of his community service of relocations and instead performing or traveling. they want is community service case transferred from his home state of virginia to california. brown's attorney denies the allegations. >> most artists are used to seeing a bump in sales after performing the super bowl, but beyonce and destiny's child band mates are huge increase. >> sales rose by 600% while
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beyonce's personal sales jumped nine 230%. their brief for union on sunday also help the sales of their new compilation album. >> animal planet's the puppy bowl had 2.2 million viewers. and a repeat of the show got another 1.1 million viewers. the redskins did not make it to the superbowl, but quarterback rgiii is still pretty popular. his special rookie of the year sox sold out in less than an hour. no word on if additional socks will be made available for purchase. 4:5,735 degrees. >> still ahead, new developments surrounding disgraced cyclist lance armstrong.
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